You all remember.... The faded red one with the sunburned paint and 'Kardashian Thigh' front fender...

Well here's what a Craftsman buffer, some 3M Microfinishing Compound, and an afternoon's worth of cold ones has produced.


It still could stand a few weeks in a body shop, but for a beater to get me to and from school - I'm quite pleased how it shined up after I pulled off those fake pinstripes and NJ dealer sticker. And overall, it has been a great little car. It's getting mid 20s MPG (about 10 better than my Jeep ZJ). And has been virtually* trouble free so far. Even those wheels I didn't like when I got it are starting to grow on me a bit.

Anyway, just thought I'd share an update with my fellow Jalops.

*virtually: had to replace the valve cover gasket in August, but it was a quick and easy fix.

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